My basic process for converting a PSD into an HTML page begins by slicing out all the images. As I go through the PSD, this helps me build out the structure in my head, how this container holds that element, etc. This also helps me streamline my work flow. My next step is to build […]

Use this link if you want to stretch your Screensaver Across all screens. Basically stretching your primary window across the Virtural Screen. The Project was to build a Screensaver based on a set of Silverlight animations. A couple of links that made this possible: Even though this is from 2006 the fundamentals still hold […]

After hours and hours of using the google machine to figure out how to load an XML file into my Silverlight app, a former colleague pointed me to the most likely of places – the Silverlight Quick start guide. C# Solution: // Load the RSS file into XElement and display the content of the XML […]

A concise definition of HTML vs XHTML.