RDFa – This is really going to push SEO, APIs, and usability to the next level. http://tinyurl.com/mmvoh6

A well crafted article that discusses all side of the process: http://tinyurl.com/nwkz5x

Saved the day with some evening beach vball.

I wonder if it counts as SAILING if your sails are up but you don’t go any where.

Just wrapped up a quick set of vball. Now on to school yard for drinks.

Safari 4 just rolled out. It took a page out of the chrome home screen. Looking forward to checking out the new features.

A great viral / social best practice seminar including how to shoot video cheap, youTube SEO with keywords, titles etc. http://tinyurl.com/m5aryy

translating spanish tech posts. I dig it.

Gave it one heck of a try and played very well. Don’t mind going out on a note like that.

Off to another Vball finals tournament

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